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20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Well, perhaps not 20,000 but, at least 4,000 metres.  That’s the depth you can take our Subsea-rated Turbine meters down to. Our in-house designed & manufactured range of Turbine flow meters are also available in specially adapted Subsea versions. 

 These are suitable for various applications in the Oil & Gas industries.

For example:

  • Blowout prevention
  • Hydraulic system logging & monitoring
  • Water & Chemical injection
  • Remotely operated vehicles
  • Pipe laying systems
  • Subsea production systems
  • Network risers

With bodies machined from solid one piece 316 Stainless Steel (as a result, there are no weld seams or soldering in contact with the liquid being measured), we can achieve Pressure rating up to 1,400 bar (20,300 PSI), depending on the end connection. For example, we can supply our Turbine Flowmeters with ends ranging BSP, NPT, SAE, MS, Greyloc, NPT, ANSI, Weco 1502 & many others. Custom bodies are available should you have any specific requirements.  Sizes available range from 3/8” up to 6”.

Our Subsea Turbines can also be supplied with a variety of different outputs. Standard millivolt sinusoidal pulse or Hall Effect & also analog (4-20mA) versions can be supplied. Mating connections from Subcon, Seacon, Burton are available, with integral or separate Subsea grade cables.

We also have our ‘HYDROlog’ smart Subsea Turbine flowmeter. Subsea rated to 4km, this comes with noise immune RS485 communication. PC Software is supplied & also includes data logging functions. Up to 256 devices can be connected & synchronised on the same network. This is also compatible with HYDROlog equipped Press & Temperature sensors.

As with all of our Turbine flow meter range, you can expect a very high accuracy of +/- 0.5% (of reading) & a repeatability of +/-0.1% of reading. Pressure drop is very low & bi-directional quadrature versions are also available.

Advantages of using Turbine Flow Meters

Suitable for both liquid & also gas flow measurement

Turbine Flowmeters can be manufactured with different bearing designs which make then suitable for lubricating & non-lubricating liquids & also those of low to medium Viscosity & also dry Gasses.

High Accuracy

Turbine Flow meters have a linear accuracy to +/- 0.5% of reading, with a repeatability of +/- 0.1% of reading. This makes a Turbine Flowmeter one of the most accurate forms of flow measurement on the market today.

Installation in different orientations & flow directions

A Turbine flowmeter can be installed in both vertical & horizontal orientations - taking into consideration the recommended installation requirements of 10 x diameter of straight pipe before the flow meter & 5 x diameter after the flowmeter. Bi-directional (quadrature) versions can be supplied using dual pick-up coils to monitor the flow in both forward & reverse directions.

Low Pressure drop

The construction of a Turbine flow meter allows for a very low Pressure drop, typically around 200-500 mbar, depending on size & liquid being measured.