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Variable Area Flowmeters

Nixon Flowmeters offer a wide range of variable area flow meters from low cost all plastic models up to high pressure rugged industrial types We are well known in the industry for our broad range of this type of flow meter technology. All models of Variable Area Flowmeter measure volumetric flow rate and are inline, Variable Area flow meters are suitable for liquid or gas flow metering. When supplied for gas flows, all units can be specially scaled for most working temperatures and pressures.

Variable area flowmeters can be used on Liquid, Gas & also Steam applications. Custom calibrations are available for changes in Density, Viscosity, Pressure & also Temperature. They are an economical form of flow measurement, due to cost effective range of materials & construction.

Variable Area flow meters are of a simple design & thus easy to read, both close up & also from a distance. Because of this, they are also very low maintenance flowmeters.

• Easy installation – Can be supplied with plain, threaded, or flanged conections
• No power supply needed (unless fitted with a transmitter or alarm)
• Direct reading, visible float or pointer
• High repeatability
• Option to fit alarm points, 4-20mA transmitter & also a Totaliser.

The SC250 is a Metal Tube variable area flow meter with magnetic transmission to a dial type indicator and is available from 15 mm bore right up to 150 mm bore. Materials of construction can be Stainless Steel, plastics e.g. PTFE, PVC etc. or even more specialist version in Hastelloy & Titanium.

This can be supplied flanged or with a wide variety of alternative end couplings. High and low level alarms can be supplied or a 4-20 mA transmitter and both are available in ATEX intrinsically safe designs. An in-built flow Totaliser is also available.

The NFX model is a low flow glass tube variable area flow meter. This model can be supplied with a valve fitted to the inline flowmeter. High and low flow alarms and a transmitter can be fitted. The units are available in several lengths and accuracies. The 6000 series are a range of larger glass tube variable area flowmeters. They can be supplied with flanges or threaded end fittings. The units are supplied with a rugged safety frame for fluid flow measurement in industrial environments. Specialist versions can be supplied with all stainless steel parts and with hygienic end couplings.

The DFM range is a low cost range of variable area flowmeter, made from plastic, with the optional metal union ends. They are available in a wide range of sizes from 3/8” up to 2 ½” versions. They are all available from stock and can be scaled for almost any liquids or gases. High and low flow alarms and transmitters may be fitted for budget conscious flow metering.