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22 December 2021

Mark Stone

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Well, perhaps not 20,000 but, at least 4,000 metres.  That’s the depth you can take our Subsea-rated Turbine meters down to. Our in-house designed & manufactured range of Turbine flow meters are also available in specially adapted Subsea versions. 

14 January 2021

Mark Stone

Michael Faraday & Electromagnetic Flow Meters

In 1831, Michael Faraday discovered Electromagnetic Induction. This became known as Faraday's law. As a result, we now have electromagnetic-type flow meters.

03 February 2020

Mark Stone

What is a Turbine Flow Meter?

A Turbine Flowmeter is a very traditional yet highly accurate form of flow measurement. A ferritic stainless steel rotor revolves within a non-magnetic housing, on the outside of which is located a pick-off coil containing a permanent magnet.

23 August 2019

Mark Stone

Variable Area Flowmeters

They go by many different names; variable area flow meter, rotameters, float type flowmeters, and even carrot flow meters. They can be deployed in many varied applications – dosing, monitoring, and control applications are just a few examples.

07 May 2019

Mark Stone

Installation, Installation, Installation

Accuracy is very important when specifying & recommending the most suitable flow meter for an application. Once the flow meter leaves our factory, you naturally want to ensure you achieve the same high accuracy in your application.

05 December 2018

Mark Stone

Alcoholic Flowmeters

Alcoholic Flowmeters... Or rather, flow meters for use on alcohols. The UK brewing industry has increased by around 60% over the past few years. There are now estimated to be around 3000+ micro-breweries in the UK alone, 300 of which were only started in the past year.

30 August 2018

Mark Stone

Interview by Tecfluid

Tecfluid is proud to celebrate its collaboration with Nixon Flowmeters Ltd as one of its main partners for many years. Therefore, we would like to interview Mr. David Nixon, Managing Director, to understand from his point of view about all these years doing business with Tecfluid.

12 September 2017

Mark Stone

The Flow Meter Minefield

One of the most common questions we get asked about flowmeters is - ...’ what flowmeter would you recommend for my application?’...To the untrained eye, flow meter technology may initially seem like navigating a minefield. There are so many varied and different types of flow meter technology available.