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100 Series Secondary Instruments

The 100 series of secondary instruments have been designed as a rugged and versatile range offering the user anything from simple flowrate indication to batching, ratio metering and controlling applications. The indicator can be head, wall or panel mounted and the standard aluminium case design is to IP67.

A large LCD dual display shows clear text and measuring units. The units are battery powered as standard and the easily replaced lithium battery has an average life of seven years.

A scaleable pulse and analogue output is available as standard. The units are very easy to program and the whole range have been designed with the same clear logical menu structure.


Option - communication:

  • CB 2-wire RS232 Modbus protocol 
  • CH 2-wire RS485 Modbus protocol
  • CI 4-wire RS485 Modbus protocol

Option - case design:

  • HB aluminium panel-mount housing IP65 / Nema 4
  • HD ABS wall-mount housing IP65 / Nema 4Option - inputs: IB Remote input (reset total)
  • IC Remote control of the three function keys

Option - power supply

  • PA see PB PB
  • Lithium battery (long life)
  •  PF 12-24V AC/DC + DC sensor supply + electro-mechanical relays
  • PL input loop powered 4-20mA
  •  PM 80-240V AC + DC sensor supply + electro-mechanical relays
  •  PN 80-240V AC + sensor supply + relays + LED back-light

Option - hazardous area:

  • XD EExd IIB T5 - Explosion proof housing with one function key - 1x M20 cable entries
  • XF EExd IIB T5 - Explosion proof housing + all three function keys - 3x M20 cable entries 
  • ZV PRTD range -200 / +800 °C

More Information

  • 110-P Flowrate/Totaliser. Scaleable pulse output + 4-20 mA output
  • 111 -P Dual input flowrate/Totaliser
  • 112-P Flowrate/Totaliser with linearisation. Scaleable pulse + 4-20 mA output
  • 113-P Flowrate Totaliser High/Low alarms or pulse + 4-20 mA output 114-P Ratio indicator high/Low alarms + 4-20 mA output
  • 115-P Flowrate/Totaliser with quadrature input scaleable pulse + 4-2G mA output
  • 116-P Differential/sum indicator scaleable pulse + 4-20 mA output
  • 120-P Flowrate controller PI (D) with 4-20 mA + pulse output
  • 124-P Ratio controller PI (D) with 4-20 mA + high/low alarm output
  • 126-P Flow computer with temperature and pressure compensation
  • 130-P Batch controller two transistor outputs 2 stage or pulse
  • 131-P Batch controller with flowrate indication 4-20 mA + 2-stage or pulse output
  • 133-P Dispenser/batcher mimic with two transistor outputs

Note: STANDARD configuration for most 100-Series models: Internal Battery & 8-28V DC powered + 4-20mA Output with die-cast, powder coated aluminium field enclosure -IP67

100 Series Secondary Instruments




  • Suitable for remote of local (on flowmeter) options
  • Can be battery or mains (DC and AC) powered
  • Rugged housing on Aluminium, Stainless Steel or plastic
  • Dual LCD display
  • Wide range of different output options