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97RA Digital Flowrate Indicator

The 97RA Digital Flowrate Indicator has been designed for use with turbine or pelton wheel flowmeters having a low level signal output sinusoidal or square wave. The six digit LED display can be scaled to read in any desired flow units, e.g. litres per minute, cubic metres per hour, etc.

All controls for factorising, decimal point selection, high and low alarm settings, etc, are located at the front of the instrument, but hidden behind the front panel, thus preventing unauthorised tampering.

More Information

An additional facility available within the unit is dual input operation, whereby the signal from 2 flowmeters may be compared, and the ratio of frequencies displayed. A version is available with a fully scaleable 4-20mA output - Model 97RAE

  • Large clear LED display of flowrate.
  • Concealed factor adjustments.
  • Concealed decimal point selection.
  • Low input levels acceptable.
  • Wide frequency range.
  • Fast response to flowrate changes.
  • DIN standard panel size.
  • Non volatile memory.
97RA Digital Flowrate Indicator




  • 6 digit flow rate indicator
  • Large clear LED display of flowrate.
  • Concealed factor adjustments
  • Low input levels acceptable
  • Fast response to flowrate changes
  • DIN standard panel size
  • Optional 4-20mA output