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F Series Head, Wall or Panel Mount Display

The F series range of secondary instruments has been developed with primary functionality and low cost in mind. The range comes with an ABS case to IP65 and can be head, field or panel mounted. It features the same user interface as the 100 series with a large LCD display showing clear text and measuring unit. In order to keep the F series competitive the base price includes a panel mounted case and is suitable for DC low voltage power supply. Lithium batteries, case backs for wall mounting and other extras are priced separately.

Display Instrumentation

010-P Flowrate indicator
011-P Totaliser
012-P Flowrate/Totaliser
013-P Flowrate/Totaliser + one high or low alarm output
014-P Flowrate/Totaliser + pulse output
030-P Batch controller, single stage
Note: STANDARD configuration for all F-Series models:
Supplied in ABS Panel-Mount case: 8-30V DC powered

F Series Head, Wall or Panel Mount Display




  • Suitable for remote of local (on flowmeter) options
  • Can be battery or mains (DC and AC) powered
  • Rugged housing on Aluminium, Stainless Steel or plastic
  • Dual LCD display
  • Wide range of different output options