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SP3 Pulse Amplifier Signal Conditioner

The SP3 Signal Conditioner has been designed for applications where simple amplification of the output of an inductive coil is required. Typical applications include signal boosting where electrical interference along the signal cable run could cause spurious readings, or where long transmission lengths lead to attenuation of low-level outputs.

The unit is very lightweight and can be attached to any suitable surface with a self adhesive pad. Wiring is easily carried out to the integral terminal block.

The unit operates as a three wire system using a DC supply. The unit is not intended for use in exposed conditions. For applications where additional environmental protection is necessary, it must be provided by the user during installation.


  • Dimensions 40 x 50 x 20 mm
  • Weight 60 Grams
  • Supply Voltage 10-40 V DC
  • Operating Temperature 0-80oC
  • Minimum Input level 12 mV
  • Output Signal Square wave 0-(supply Voltage) at input frequency

Connections to Terminal Block 

1. Vs+ Power Supply

2.  OV

3.  Square wave output pulse

4.  Input a from pick off coil

5.  Input b from pick off coil

6.  Screen from pick off coil cable ch programming.

SP3 Pulse Amplifier Signal Conditioner




  • Small, lightweight form factor
  • Economic alternative to expensive pre-amplifiers
  • Amplification and signal boosting
  • Ideal for installations where signal interference along cable runs could cause problems