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AD-15/ADI-15/ADT-15 Flow Switch

A range of simple in line flow switches to detect the flow of gases and liquids. The switches are suitable for many applications including-

  • Refrigeration of machine-processes
  • Hydraulic and lubrication circuits
  • Thermal oil circuits
  • Gas circulation control
  • Series AD-15 is equipped with one or two reed detectors.
  • Series ADI-15 is equipped with reed detectors and local indication of the flow.
  • Series ADT-15 is equipped with reed detectors, local indication of the flow and a 4-20 mA transmitter.
AD-15/ADI-15/ADT-15 Flow Switch




Functions in horizontal or vertical pipes
Detection of the flow by magnetic field
Total watertightness, with no contact between the fluid and the reed switch
Available with Indicators or transmitters
Works with normal, opaque or turbid liquids
Good precision with viscosity and density variations
Robust and simple construction
Easy installation
Very good relation in quality-price
Scales standardised in H20, air, oils, etc
Precision +/- 5% with minimum influence by variation of viscosity up to 600 cSt