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Level Switch for Liquids

The series LC-40 level switch for liquids uses a float to activate a micro-switch. The magnetic coupling drives the switch so there is no direct link, requiring a seal, between the process and the instrumentation. This provides a robust measurement that is well suited to severe or corrosive processes.

The installation in the tank can be vertical or horizontal depending on the type of float system used.

The level dead band is variable. That is, the level differential between the high and low switching points.

A robust construction and versatile configuration options make the LC-40 easily adaptable to the many different installation requirements of most industrial processes.

Suitable For

  • Dosing tanks
  • Hot water storage tanks
  • Control of condensation/steam separation
  • Lubricating & hydraulic oil tanks/sumps
  • Pump control
  • Hi/Lo Level alarms
  • Up to 300oC
  • Up to 400 Bar
  • Measurement Principle
  • By the repulsion of two magnetic fields to activate a micro
    switch that is external to the process
Level Switch for Liquids




  • Float level switch for liquids
  • Top or side of tank mounting
  • Versions for high Temperatures and Pressures
  • High/Low alarm contacts
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • 1 to 6 reed switches, depending on length