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LT Liquid Level Gauge & Transmitter

Working pressure manufacturing according to

PED 97/23/CE (Lloyd’s Register Certificate Nº 031) Simply constructed and resistant to adverse conditions of temperature and pressure. Materials in EN 1.4404 (SS 316L), PVC, PP, PVDF or PTFE for most applications in industries such as:

  • Chemical, petrochemical and other processes
  • Refrigeration, Retorts and Heat Treatment
  • Boilers, marine & industrial
  • Evaporators & Condensers
  • Storage Tanks


  • Full process isolation, no risk of leakage
  • Alarms contacts adjustable over the full range
  • Clear indication with magnetic float or magnetic strips
  • Transmitter output 0...4-20 mA
  •  Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance


A vertical measuring chamber, connected to the tank at each end, contains a magnetic float that rises and falls with the liquid level. An indicating chamber is attached, but not directly connected, to the measuring chamber. The indicating chamber contains a magnetic strips indicator or magnetic float that follows the position of the float in the measuring chamber to provide an indication of the tank level.

Adjustable contacts, actuated by the float’s magnetic field, can provide switch points for control or alarms. A sensor detecting the float position can provide a 4-20 mA signal for proportional control. (On request HART, PROFIBUS, FIELDBUS protocol)

LT Liquid Level Gauge & Transmitter




  • Simple consruction
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Wide range of materials
  • Flanged or threaded connections
  • Indication via external float in glass tube or magentic strips
  • Switch, transmitter, HART, Profibus and Fieldbus outputs