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LU Level Indication Transmitter

An Ultrasonic level transmitter and indicator for liquids and solids. There is no contact with the product. It has a compact design with a polycarbonate housing for the electronics and display and a remote display is also available. It has very good resistance in corrosive environments and for outdoor applications. The unit is easy to program with the keyboard display.  

The standard construction of the sensor is Polypropylene or PVDF.  The level indication has automatic compensation of temperature changes. The unit has low power consumption. 

  • High and low alarm contacts in 4 wire version 
  • Electric output signal of 4-20 mA 

More Information

A transducer sends short ultrasonic pulses to a product surface. The reflection of these pulses is received back by the same transducer. The ultrasonic waves travel at the speed of sound. The time passed since the emission of the signal until it is reflected on the product surface plus the time necessary to receive the signal back on the transducer determines the distance between the sensor and the product. The calculation of this distance is carried out by means of a micro-processor with a powerful and smart software which selects the correct echo level among all the echos produced by the internal elements of the tanks.

A temperature sensor built-in the transducer provides the real working temperature to the micro-processor, that makes the proper calculation corrections of the measured distance. A change in product does not affect the correct performance of the instrument, so it is not necessary to re-adjust the unit for each new product. The non-invasive level transmitter makes installation and maintenance easier.


  • Level control in storage tanks of chemical and petrochemical products, treated water, waste water, rainwater and food products.
  • Level control in storage silos of powder, granular products,...
  • Flow measurement in open channels, in combination with the electromagnetic sensor series FLOMAT (signal integration software not supplied)
  • Control of paper, cardboard, steel and plastic reels
  • Level control in intermediate tanks for processes such as pumps start-stop, valve opening-closing, etc.
LU Level Indication Transmitter




  • Non-Contact
  • Good resistance in corrosive environments
  • Level indication with automatic compensation of Temperature changes
  • Suitable liquids and also solids