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BNO Hygienic Turbine Flowmeter

The BNO series flowmeters have been designed specifically for high accuracy flow measurement and batch control in the liquid food industries, and conform to the same exacting standards as our NT industrial flowmeters so far as performance is concerned.

In the basic design, Nixon Flowmeters have been aware of the particular hygienic requirements of pharmaceutical industries and great care has been taken to ensure the absence of crevices where bacteria can lodge and breed.
The materials used in construction ensure that no corrosive attack occurs when in-place cleaning agents are used.

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Manufactured entirely from stainless steel, except the bearing bushes which are normally of PTFE/Carbon. There are no seals or ‘O’ rings, nor any internal screw threads. Rotors are machined from solid, and bearing supports (hangers) are stepped in order to reduce the contact area between hanger and meter internal bore.

BNO Hygienic Turbine Flowmeter




  • Hygienic design version
  • Suitable for Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage applications
  • Minimum of bacteria breeding crevices
  • Simple robust design
  • Easy one-circlip dismantling
  • Strong rotor design
  • Long bearing life
  • Steam cleaning is permissible
  • Hot detergent Sterilizing is permissible
  • Excellent repeatability for batching
  • Wide variety of end fittings available
  • Hazardous area versions