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NS Low Flow Pelton Wheel

A turbine flowmeter operating on the Pelton wheel principle for low flowrate applications on low viscosity fluids.

Conventional axial flow turbine meters become increasingly difficult to manufacture in very small sizes and bearing drag becomes more significant. The Pelton wheel on the other hand still retains a manageable diameter allowing close machining tolerances whilst being capable of handling very low flowrates with reasonable accuracy.

The units may be used for additive flows, fuel consumption metering, perfumes, colourings etc and the output is compatible with our standard range of secondary readout instruments.

More Information

With this design a range of interchangeable metering plugs may be provided within one body size, such that flow ranges may be changed very simply.

Construction is in stainless steel as standard but other materials may be used to suit the corrosive properties of the metered fluid. Flanges to ANSI, BS4504 or BS10 may be fitted and a design is also available with Ermeto or BSP couplings for high pressure hydraulic work.

In operation a star shaped paddle wheel is housed within a metering plug containing a small jet hole such that a high velocity jet is imparted tangentially on the rotor. Rotational speed and hence frequency are directly proportional to flowrate. The sharp edges of the rotor are detected by a reluctance pick off coil and an alternating voltage is thus generated.

NS Low Flow Pelton Wheel




  • Pelton Wheel principle
  • Designed for low flowrate applications
  • Suitable for low VIscosity fluids like Fuel OIl, Additives etc.
  • Interchangeable metering plugs -
  • Flowranges can be swapped out and changed easily
  • Hazardous area versions