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Unit Converter

Uconeer is a comprehensive engineering unit conversion software designed for engineers, scientists, and technicians, offering a wide range of features for accurate and consistent unit conversions. It includes over 450 units across 48 categories, special engineering calculators for various measurements, IAPWS IF-97 steam tables, and customizable unit options.

Uconeer is the ideal conversion calculator for engineers, scientists and technicians. If you need to have fast, accurate and consistent conversions at your fingertips then download the free, fully functional evaluation version to test all these capabilities:

  • 450 units in 48 categories, plus add your own custom units
  • All compound conversion factors use the same underlying factors for consistency across all calculations
  • Keeps your recently used categories visible for single click selection
  • Mark your favorite conversions for instant use
  • Remembers the last units you used in each category
  • IAPWS IF-97 based steam tables with property values in many engineering units
  • Special engineering unit converters for dynamic/kinematic viscosity, feet & fractional inches, mass/volume flowrate, Universal gas constant "R", steel hardness and Reynolds Number
  • Flexible and powerful formatting, including scientific and engineering notation
  • Online calculator during data entry
  • Instant swap of From and To units
  • Optional auto-start with Windows boot
  • Adjust window and font size to suit screen size and resolution
  • Comprehensive online Help function