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Multi-Point Level Switch

The Series LC-30 is a multi-point level switch for liquids. It’s operation is based on a float containing a magnetic field switching a contact as it passes along a guide. It can provide one point for an alarm or up to 9 points for alarms and control.The float can travel the length of a guide tube that contains bistablereed switches at the control/alarm points. As the float passes each switch, it activates it to provide an indication of whether the float is above or below the position of the switch. The LC-30 is designed for mounting above the tank but, under special circumstances, it can be mounted from the side.

Measurement Principle

The float activates a bi-stable reed switch by a magnet built into the float.


Inside the guide tube, bi-stable reed switches are mounted at the alarm/control points. As the float passes the position where a reed switch is located, the magnetic field from the float activates the switch to leave it set indicating whether the float is above or below the position of the switch. The maximum number of alarm or control points is 9.

More Information

The LC-30 has a simple design and is constructed from materials with good mechanical and corrosion resistance. Generally, it is used for:

  • High and low alarm contacts
  • Stop/Start of pumps for level control.
  • Level control in tanks for chemical dosing.
  • Control of industrial processes.
  • Monitoring & control of auxiliary tanks in power plants, chemical plants, textile industry etc.
  • Construction with Ex enclosure, on request.
Multi-Point Level Switch




  • Float level switch for liquids
  • Top or side mounted
  • High/Low alarm contacts
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • 1 to 6 reed switches, depending on length